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Folgend ein paar dankbar erhaltene Kundenrezensionen der letzten Jahre. Da ich erst im Aug 2017 nach Köln gezogen bin, sind die meisten auf Englsich, von meinen Kunden aus London. Wenn auch Sie bei mir waren und eine Beurteilung schicken möchten, so schicken Sie mir bitte eine SMS/ Whatsapp, oder Mail an :

Das war relaxen, entspannen und wohlfühlen pur!!! Herzlichen Dank

Vielen Dank nochmals für deine tolle Massage gestern. Bin heute Morgen wie neu geboren aufgewacht....

Ich wollte mir einfach nur mal etwas Gutes gönnen und war einfach begeistert. Alex ist ein sehr ruhiger und netter Kerl, der auf die Bedürfnisse der Klienten eingeht. Dabei ist er sehr einfühlsam und erkennt die Punkte an denen es hakt sehr gezielt und geht sie an. Der Druck ist kraftvoll, aber nicht unangenehm und ich konnte voll entspannen, mich fallen lassen und einfach nur genießen. Vielen herzlichen Dank und weiterhin viele zufriedene Kunden

Ich habe eine 2,5-stündige Massage geniessen dürfen und bin voll begeistert. Es war Erholung pur. Ich wusste nicht, dass es so viele Muskeln gibt. Aber Tom hat sie alle gefunden. Man merkt sofort, dass er ein Profi ist und eine Ahnung hat. Die Handgriffe sitzen und die Hände gleiten wie magisch über den Körper. Der Gipfel der Erholung war sicher auch die Kopfmassage, welche ich in dieser Ausprägung noch nie erlebt habe. Einsame Spitze. Ich kann ihn jederzeit empfehlen. Er ist sehr empfehlenswert! Ich gehe gerne wieder! Herzlichen Dank!

Danke das war wirklich sehr entspannend, angenehm warm, und sehr netter Typ.

ich hab die Massage bei dir echt genossen. Komme gerne bei Gelegenheit noch mal wieder, wenn ich es einrichten kann.

Fühle mich super. Dank Dir!

Sehr empfehlenswert!!! Ein absolut gigantischer Masseur. Eines der besten, einfühlsamsten, intensivsten Massagen die ich je erleben durfte. Tolle Kombi aus Massage und Reiki.....Wirklich sehr zu empfehlen😍 Freue mich auf das nächste mal😁😋 Und nur so als kleiner Tipp, nicht unter 2 Std buchen.....😊😉Es lohnt sich wirklich und Alex ist jeden Cent Wert. Danke und bis bald

Es ist einfach PERFEKT und OPTIMAL, was Alexander hier anbietet und durchführt, das kann nicht überboten werden!! (die Wörter perfekt und optimal sind ja in der deutschen Sprache normalerweise auch NICHT steigerungsfähig!). Danke für Deine tollen Leistungen und Dein Können..

Sehr gute Massage. Effektiv, sehr entspannend. Fühlte mich wie frisch aufgetankt, als ich bei Alex ging. Vielen Dank. Ich komme wieder.

Ein sehr einfühlsamer Masseur, gibt sich große Mühe dem Klienten den besten Service zu geben, ist ein sehr angenehmer Mann, mit netter Persönlichkeit und sehr entspannendem Studio mitten in Köln. Seine Hände können verwöhnen und entspannen. Empfehlenswert.

I wanted to share about my massage with you because I thought you could use some of it as a review on your website. I also just wanted to express my thanks. I hope I don’t come across too fluffy as I try and express how meaningful the session was too me. I’m an experienced bodyworker and pretty quickly into our session, I realised that you have a special gift. Your touch is beautiful; it listens intently, it’s responsive, tender, intuitive, present, powerful. As you worked diligently to release patterns of long-held tension, I felt my chronically tight and painful shoulder begin to trust you and your close attention. After all this time and so many hours of bodywork, it started to unwind and let you in because you gave it time. I can’t tell you how wonderful this was. My whole body started to soften and let go and soon it began to hum gently its song about living again. I felt like I was bathing in gratitude for my body and it was nothing short of joyous.

It was good to meet you yesterday, thank you for 2+ hours of pure enjoyment, I hope I didn't leave any bad vibes/energy with you. Although I told you before I left you that I felt human again, when I stopped off on my way home for a bite to eat it was even more obvious, absolutely all the aches and stresses I had before were gone, and that's still the case today.

Feeling so much lighter after our sessions yesterday, thanks again.

Just saying thanks for a wonderful healing massage today. It was truly a memorable experience and a highlight of my visit to London. You are obviously a passionate and skilled practicioner and my impresssion was that you enjoy your work immensely. Will keep your advice in mind and hopefully have managed to dump some of the "baggage".

Alex, thank you so, so much for helping me with healing these energies. I am feeling more complete at the moment, than I have ever done before. This red energy is still feeling very shaken up and messy, but it does feel part of me, which it has never been before. Love, A.

Thank you. Beautiful massage. Great advice. And your nourishing energy. You are a blessed and wonderful healer. Always the best to you

Just to say thank you again for the incredible massage and discussion we had. You are a beautiful soul with such a warm loving heart. A real pleasure and to have met you!

thank you for the wonderful massage, you are very talented…

Thanks for the massage yesterday. I had lots of issues in my mind, which were upsetting me this week. I was surprised to come home and noticed that all issues had gone out of my mind. I feel much more inspired. Hope to be back soon.

Alex, thank you. I feel 100% better – like a different person. See you again

Hey Alex - I just wanted to thank you for my session the other night. Wow, what an extraordinary experience!!!
I hadn't expected such a strong physical as well as emotional reaction and I felt and still feel like my system is resetting. Also I got some great insights that I needed to look at. Thank you.  I woke up with a proper hangover yesterday only from what I was releasing and that was an eye opener in itself. 
I kind of want you to know that I am extremely careful with who I let work on me as I experienced so many healers and masseurs putting their stuff on their clients rather than helping them release theirs.Also I wanted to thank you for spending such a long time with me and make sure I'm grounded before I left. I really appreciate that. 

Thanks for what you did last night – my shoulder & neck are feeling much better…

Alex thank you for yesterday. My back is a lot better no pain at all and my knees did not ache so much after a bit of exercise. Thanks you again

Alex - your far to modest regarding your skills as a masseur. Today was truely amazing and so unrushed which was a refreshing change. You truely know how to turn massage into a something really special and your client focus is spot on. Thanks so much and so look forward to meeting up again before hopefully not to long.

-Thank you really. I honestly have been touched by you. I will always remember it...

-Thanks Alex I hope to meet you again soon. U are such a nice person in every sense and impressive professional. It has been a great pleasure to spend a short time with u...

- Just a short word of thanks for yesterday.  Your gentle safe hands have made an impact on me.

- thank you and great respect to you and your craft Alex.

-Well it's a week later and I am feeling very good. The testimonial says it all! I’m back in Spain now and the thing that I have noticed most is the energy that I have. I’m sleeping 2 hours less a night and feeling really fresh so obviously I’m sleeping much more deeply since my treatment.

- Hey Alex, I am back in washington, dc - after a very nice visit to your city. I learned a lot. I enjoyed meeting you on Wednesday evening. Thank you for sharing your excellent touch, pleasant conversation, and dry sense of humor with me. You are a gifted man

- Hi Alex Thanks very much for the treatment and also thank you for my stone. I feel wonderfully rejuvenated and energised and I can feel the reike working as my mind is far far away! Thanks again, you're a special guy.

- Alex, thank you, that was excellent. I’m a strange mix of chilled, v positive energy and almost asleep! Not quite sure how they all fit together but it feels good. Many thanks and see you soon I hope. J.

- Hey Alex Thank you for a wonderful massage yesterday. It's so refreshing to find someone who does what they say. I'll be sure to be in touch in the near future!

- Hi alex, just want to let u know that I had the best night's sleep for quite a while!!

- Hi Alex. Thanks so much 4 best massage I have ever had. It touched all the right buttons 4 me! I shall return next time im in London.

- Dass war wirklich ausgezeichnet. Traumhaft.

Thank you for a truly nurturing and healing experience

-Your healing/massage are amazing dear. Last 3 hectic days i am still feeling floating and light. My focussing clearer, meetings and trainings with calm and positive.  Be back dance training tomorrow just classes. Thank you dear. I am living again.

-Hi Alex. Tks for last visit-super

-Hi A, thanks for a great time and brilliant  massage! James x

- Thank you Alex for treatment today dear i am so relax cant wait to get home sleep. I am feeling reenergised and balanced. Thank you once again.

- Thank you so much, I am on cloud 9!

- Thanks u Alex it was soo relaxing, I feel very productive (-: cheers

- Alex
just wanted to say many thx, that was sublime. have a great
holiday. Rich 

- thanks for yesterday, it was really amazing....

- Alex - thanks very much, awesome massage,

- Awesome. Jx

- thanks for your Magic Hands supports throughout the year

- Thanks a million Alex. It was simply the best!!! Take care, David

- Hi' Just wanted to let you know that I've had some very positive effects from the massage I had last Friday. For the past few days I have had a great deal of energy - much more than usual. I have also been feeling very positive in myself. The whole experience has been very beneficial. I would like to come again in a couple of weeks. I'll contact you to make an appointment. With best wishes, Brian